Welcome to SoberTracker.  SoberTracker is a tool created to help manage the day to day tasks when working or volunteering in the Recovery industry.  This tool will allow you to track all aspects of working with clients.  Following a client through the initial contact to whenever your organization decides that it isn’t any longer necessary.  Every aspect is covered from initial assessment to ongoing support and beyond.  Track all services a client has received and all status notes.  FollowUp scheduling is a big piece of what is need when you need to stay in contact.

The software is internet based and can be ran on your phone, computer and pad device.

If you’re one of those that are using sticky pad, notebooks or spreadsheets then this app if for you.  It will streamline what you do.  Reporting and follow up so much easier.  No more missing critical calls.  Also if your organization does funding this will allow you to track funding request, approvals and payments.

So put away the pad and pick up the keyboard.  Go to


To see more information please click on the pdf file link: