Let's face it addiction and alcoholism is one of the top issues affecting our lives today.  Many of our loved ones are hiding their substance use because of stigma from their families and their employers.  The stats say there are 21 million folks struggling with addiction today.

Each day we are losing our loved ones at an average of 241 to alcoholism and 123 to overdoses.

But THERE is HOPE.  There is RECOVERY.  Everyday families are beating it.  This is were we come in.  Those of us that have gone through this know how hard it is to find help.  The:

  • Confusion of what to do next.
  • What's right for our family.
  • Are there any GOOD rehabs.
  • What services are there.
  • Is there anyone that cares.

Silent Epidemic has been helping mend the hurt, frustration and tragedy that comes when our families are struggling.  Families are torn apart by the never-ending darkness of addiction and alcoholism.

We have searched and searched for a solution to the darkness and was surprised to learn that we all can have a role in the solution.  


 When we get help we are a force to recon with.  It starts with us.  We need to heal before we can help others heal.

You matter

more than you'll every know.

Recovery is so beautiful

It is so easy to get lost and forget that we are important, in spite of our addiction we are loved. 

Recovery Housing Gifts

Silent Epidemic and 7 other non-profits in NJ have joined forces to help those trying to start over with a gift towards them moving into a recovery house.  To apply for help please visit:

Click to Apply for a Gift

If you're looking for resources then please take a moment to search our database.  It's a tool that we and many others use daily.  This tool has no 800# or ads to lure you in like many other search pages.

There are over 200,000 services listed from all across the country.


  • Detox and Rehabs
  • Sober Living
  • Hot Lines
  • Meetings
  • Outpatient Counseling
  • Faith based Services
  • Suboxone doctors
  • Vivitrol doctors
  • Funding Services
  • IOP, OP, PHP

Silent Epidemic is a 501c3 non-profit. We have been in the forefront of this epidemic fighting for lives.  We do many things but our main focus is on helping folks stay in recovery.  This is where we're seeing most of the needless deaths in overdoses.

The lack of services and the tragedy that those going into recovery have lost everything.  Their job, families and any means of supporting themselves when they first come out of rehab.  To read more of what we do please click:

What We Do 

The need is great.  We help fund at least 25 per month into housing.  Fund transportation to rehabs and fund for doctors visits.  All donations are a tax deductible.  Please consider helping us to help others:

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