Helping to improvE our family lives through bring addiction awareness and understanding

We've all seen the struggle.  Addiction and alcoholism affect so many.  Today there are over 20 million loved ones that are suffering from this disease.  More than 347 people lose their lives to this terrible epidemic every day - that's 1 person every 4 minutes.


One Life at a Time

Making a Difference

Addiction and alcoholism has ravished our families and taken our loved ones from us.  The Silenced Epidemic helps in many ways:

First and foremost is being there for the families to help them understand and deal with the pain.  Recovery Coach services to help guide and open doors for those that struggling.  Finding services for your loved one so they can start the healing process.  Crisis interventions.  We provide visits to families at the moment when everyone is most vulnerable and talk to the family and the loved one to try and get help for them.  Also, we work with the local hospitals when a love one comes in on an overdoses and mental health issues.  Follow up care.  We become a mentor to your loved one.  During and after treatment we are there every step of the way guiding and listening.  Work in the inner city to find and help our loved ones that are there. Provide the necessities of life that most of us take for granted.  Including clothing, personal hygiene, food and snacks.  But most of all we’re there to listen.  Being an advocate for those that don’t have a voice.  Working with legislators to get new laws passed and also getting the word out that our loved ones do matter. We are helping to SHATTER THE STIGMA!  Funding for flights to rehabs, move in fees for sober living, doctors appointments and detox.

Working with City of Angels and the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s office we are on-call at our counties hospitals.  If someone is brought in on an overdose or shows up at the either a hospital or police department saying they need help then we are called and go out on scene within a hour to work with them and the family. 

The Silent Epidemic is a 501c3 and helping other’s through donations that are made to us.  All of our services are 100% free.  If you need to talk, you are hungry or need help with substance use then please reach out for help.

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