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MarijuanaX – It’s NOT Marijuana Anymore, Suicide Awareness and Prevention, Suicide and Social media, I can't deal with them, I am truly a miracle - never lose hope

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What is Drug Court, Law Enforcement's Response, Drug Court - How it Saved my Life, A Officer the couldn't share her story, I want to be free.

The forgotten Ones, How to Approach a Love One, It's been a Year, Denying, Distorting and Doing Something Different

The Elephant Enters, Addiction over the Holidays, I wish my son had cancer, The Ripple Effect, Love you Buddy!, I need to move Forward.

From Substandard to Comprehensive, Someone Needs You, We are hostage to what we don't know, Am I as Sick as my Love one and HOPE - Hold on Peace exists.

Each month we will be sending out a journal talking about different subjects from well known writers, self-help articles, poems.

Heavy Weight Champion, Steering Wheel - is it a illusion, Hand of Life's Promise, Shame of it, A Little Perspective, Problems - Real Talk and I'm an Addict named Dominick

Change, Why Me?,  The Gift Of Recovery How Yoga can be Beneficial, Finding Ourselves in the Darkness, Is Recovery Your Goal, Get Up...Fight...Win, Despite Love, I was one of them