Helping to improvE our family lives through bring addiction awareness and understanding

CCAR Recovery Coach Class

Number of Participants

Refund Policy:  If a scheduling conflict arises, registrants may transfer their registration to a later class.  However we cannot issue a cash refund.

Saturday & Sunday 9am-6:00pm   

Monday – Thursday 6:30 – 9:30pm

October 21st - 26th


Where:  Camden County

If you want to take  class now is the time to do it.  This class will fill up fast.  Only taking the first 25 people.

CCAR Price for the 30 hour course in Connecticut is $850.00  We are offering the class at a discount of $ 445.00 which includes the manual.

NOTE: EARLY REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE. COST OF EARLY REGISTRATION IS $345.00.  Early Registration is available until 12:00pm on Sunday, October 15th, 2017

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Introductions                                   Overview
Creating a Safe Place                    Working Agreements
Who Am I                                            Spectrum of Attitudes
What is Recovery?                         Components of Recovery
Recovery Core Values                  Guiding Principles of Recovery
What is a Recovery Coach

Reconnection & Review                Building skills to enhance relationships
Active listening skills                      Values and differences
Getting your buttons pushed     Sexual harassment
Crisis intervention                           Reconnection & Journaling
Stigma and labels                             Sharing your story
Issues of self-disclosure

Reconnection & Agenda               Stages of Recovery
Pathways of Recovery                    Reconnection & Journaling
Stages of Change                              Primer in Motivational Interviewing
Making Connections

Reconnection & Review                Culture & Cultural Competence
Privilege & Power                             Power Shuffle
Cultural Competence                     Religion & Spirituality
Journaling                                             Resources Available to Us
Researching Resources                 Connecticut Resource Video
Making a Referral

Reconnection & Review                Self-Care
Boundary Issues                                Recovery Wellness Plan
Role Plays                                      

Continued Professional Development & Next Steps